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Small Group Fitness in Harwich

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Harwich’s Ultimate Small Group Training Program

Our unique approach to small group training gives you the perfect blend of customized workouts and group accountability. At A Better You Fitness And Wellness, our small group fitness classes offer the same customized approach as personal training, where you'll get tailored workouts and accountability, but with the extra motivation and support that comes from training in a social environment. Join us in Harwich and start getting real results faster than ever!

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Why Choose Small Group Training?

If you want to cut through life's competing demands and get a high-quality, effective, dynamic workout that will get you safely to your health goals, you need systems in place to keep you accountable and safe. Our small group training system is designed to fit into your busy schedule and empower you with the functional strength strategies, effective and safe cardiovascular training methods, and balance and flexibility that you need to train safely and keep your body moving on a daily basis.

Our team of professional trainers at A Better You Fitness And Wellness has helped men and women from across the Harwich and Chatham communities transform their health on a convenient schedule. Experience boosted energy and reduced stress, get more mobility, and be encouraged to be your best self... it all starts here!

Through small group training, you will enjoy:
  • Total-body strength exercises
  • Sustainable cardiovascular training
  • Improved mobility and coordination
  • Boosted heart health and endurance
  • Plus, be supported by an awesome community!

Our unique approach to small group training will help you improve joint health and mobility, boost your energy levels and heart health, and give you a great sense of accomplishment. At A Better You Fitness And Wellness, we're redefining fitness, and we're proud to help people in Harwich and Chatham become the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. Check out the different classes we have to offer!

50+, Fit & Fab

These classes meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8 AM and offer all the necessary equipment to participate completely! We work with modifications offered on each exercise so that you can work out comfortably alongside your classmates! Every major facet of fitness is covered like mobility, balance, core strength, hip, knee, and ankle stability, and cardiovascular endurance. Come join the community we've built in the 10+ years we've been offering 50+, Fit & Fab!

Tai Chi

This is the perfect class for any person interested in getting started with Tai Chi. We teach the principles of Tai Chi movement, the 10 base movements of the Sun 73 form, and a classic Tai Chi warm up that you can use to begin any workout session. Being a practitioner of Tai Chi can enhance your balance, reduce your fall risk, build your strength and stability, reduce your stress and anxiety, and improve your overall sense of well being. This class is offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 AM.

Begin Your Journey at A Better You Fitness And Wellness Today!

It only takes a quick consultation to put yourself on the path to results. With proper instruction, specialized coaching from fitness professionals, and the support of our incredible community, the A Better You Fitness And Wellness team is helping people from all across Harwich and Chatham engineer new habits and promote better fitness. Get started with our small group training and discover the difference that our unique approach to fitness can have.

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Let Us Help You Optimize Your Mobility, Your Strength, And Your Balance - All At A Better You Fitness And Wellness!

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